cancer for beginners

Cell suppression theory for beginners

break it down into several courses

Intro to the landscape of cancer - what cancer is thought to be, current cancer theories and their shortcomings

How does the Cell suppression theory fit into the current cancer landscape

Overview of the Cell suppression theory and what this means for treatment

This is for those people who don't want to read the book yet, or even the synopsis because it is too much - they would prefer to be told the concepts, how it fits in and how this may affect their treatment approach, in a simple manner

Essentially, it's a toned down version of my CTAL presentations, but I don't want it to be the same, I want it to be a more careful approach at focusing on 'getting a clear message across' that explains the cancer landscape placing it in context so that they confused and scared cancer patient, can suddenly see clearly, and therefore comes to understand not only the importance of my work, but to provide them with confidence in purchase the book and reading it.

Possibly £10 charge per video? Try and limit it to two videos -
So - Free for the synopsis (but doesn't identify which micro-organism)
Free for Robins interviews, but that's 6 hours long
£20 - (two vids) for the basic explanation with imagery to ease them in - only puts things in context, does not offer treatment advice, just warns of anti-fungal toxicity - encouraging them to take the next step, ie, the book.
£29 - For the full book/theory
£50 (£25) - For the hardcore scientists presentations - fast track for the people who are desperate to know this level of detail (£25 goes to charity)

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