An awarding-winning book and theory providing fresh insight into cancer, its origins, and potential treatments. Written to empower cancer patients as well as oncologists, this book offers the exciting possibility of improved therapuetic outcomes through the potential identification of the underlying cause of the disease.
Best Indie Book Award 2023 - The Cancer ResolutionBest Indie Book Award 2023 - The Cancer Resolution

A Revolutionary Award-winning New Book

"THE CANCER RESOLUTION?" is a groundbreaking book that offers renewed hope to patients and their healthcare providers. In a bold departure from the traditional view, and after 8 years of painstaking research, Mark introduces the revolutionary 'Cell Suppression Theory', a paradigm-shifting interpretation of cancer that not only sheds new light on the underlying cause(s) of the disease, but justifies an additional therapeutic approach that has the potential to greatly improve patient survival.

Drawing from an extensive array of over 800 references, Mark's pioneering work is tailored to resonate with cancer patients as well as oncolgists. One of the book's standout features is its ability to make complex concepts accessible to everyone. Within its pages Mark demonstrates the fascinating connection between micro-organisms and the onset of cancer, helping us understand how these overlooked factors may play a pivotal role in not only instigating the disease, but also driving it.

In summary: the book highlights the extensive shortcomings of conventional treatments, and the likelihood that mainstream oncologists have gravely misinterpreted the underlying cause of the disease, thus explaining why conventional treatments are largely hit or miss when it comes to efficacy. Mark stresses the significance of targeting cancer metabolism, cancer stem cells, and the need to support the cellular terrain and address the health of one's microbiome. Advocating for the use of off-label drugs and a change in diet and lifestyle by taking a similar approach to that suggested by Jane McLelland and Dr Nasha Winters - Mark's research supports an additional approach to therapy not yet considered. By adapting current protocols to target the fungal pathogens that his research indicates are driving the disease, Mark's work has the potential to vastly improve the survival outcome for all cancer patients.

When viewed through the lens of the Cell Suppression Theory, not only does a potential solution present itself, but for the first time, cancer starts to make sense.

First published:
15th May 2023

Production time:
8 years, 9 months

814 (44 pages)


Theory validation process:
6 hour presentation, live debate with 10 international cancer experts and over 200 medical professionals.

Literary Awards:


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"Mark has presented a coherent model of carcinogenesis and the mechanism of cancer.
Professor Michael Lisanti

Praise for:

Thank you Mark for the great talks and opening up the floor for further dialogue and re-thinking the cancer paradigm. Requires a lot of courage to be willing to be on the receiving end of feedback from world experts. So glad to have been able to attend such a stimulating session. Thank you to the organisers and those involved in the background who made it happen.
Dr Paul Ch'en

"History is full of examples of complex scientific problems that are overturned after they were considered ‘solved.’ Cancer has proven to be more complicated than previously assumed, and even today the science is far from "settled." I applaud any researcher that looks at difficult scientific issues through a different lens and highlights the inconsistencies and proposes new ideas. Mark has done just that; his book is a sweeping and comprehensive examination of cancer biology that offers a novel theory on the cellular events that transform a normal cell into a cancer cell.
Travis Christofferson
Author - Tripping over the truth

"Mark has done a phenomenal job at exploring the concepts and theories of how cancer can emerge within a patient and shines a light on the idea that one of those causes may be a microorganism.
Dr Sean Devlin

"For over two decades we have evolved our Hallmarks of Cancer and yet still fall short of our understanding of, and treatment for, this shapeshifting disease. Mark Lintern’s observations add another piece to the puzzle, taking us another step closer to characterizing this as a disease of the terrain versus of the genetics and helps us change course to a more hopeful future in cancer care and prevention.
Dr Nasha Winters
Coauthor - The Metabolic Approach to Cancer

"A lot is known about cancer as a symptom, much less about what causes it, although I’m not sure we should be surprised given we’ve not yet got consensus on what life really is! Mark Lintern’s very thoroughly researched work drives a coach and horses through most of the prevailing theories of cancer causation – made more remarkable by him being a layperson and someone who had cancer – no doubt aided by his deep insights to the condition. Sometimes it takes someone from outside the field, who’s on a mission – a life mission in this case – to trigger the greatly overdue rethink over what cancer is, why it’s present in some and not others, and most importantly, how we can find solutions to it that work!
Dr Robert Verkerk

Mark's book navigates the complexity and mystery of cancer with remarkable dexterity, providing hugely useful insights into multiple aspects such as the different fuels that drive tumour growth, and how to curb them.
Professor Brigitte König
PhD - Professor of Medical Microbiology and Virology, University of Leipzig

Thank you, Mark! Your approach to this complex and challenging subject is commendable. Your investigative mindset, guided by evidence and not just preconceived beliefs, is what sets your work apart. There have been many remarkable advancements in the medical field made by individuals outside the traditional medical community. Kudos to you for your contributions and I hope that your ideas will continue to inspire others, especially in their pursuit of more minimally invasive treatment options.
Luke Watts
Cancer coach

Amazing dedication and a compelling body of research to highlight the role of microbes in cancer. I’m sure it will encourage us all to redouble our focus on the role of the gut and microbiome. Thank you. Most of all, I love how you have shown how important it is for us to take a step backward and look at our work through another lens.
Dawn Waldron
Oncology nurse

Your achievement based on not being “in the field” is quite a testament to your personal character, courage, determination, and smarts. Take a bow sir! You’ve already achieved what many very well paid within the field never have.
Connor Saunders
Nutritional therapist

THE CANCER RESOLUTION? and the Cell Suppression Theory

Patricia Peat's endorsement - Metabolic Flexibility Conference,
courtesy of the Nutrition Collective

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