The Cell Suppression Theory:
A New Perspective on Cancer

Offering renewed hope, with the potential for improved survival, by identifying additional treatments based upon a revolutionary new interpretation of cancer and its underlying cause(s).

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The evolution of Mark's revolutionary new theory

THEORY CREATION - August 2013 - October 2021
Mark Lintern finalises his groundbreaking theory - the first to fully explain all 10 recognised hallmarks of cancer; unifying existing theories, and addressing the gaps in our existing understanding.

Mark's theory is validated during the 'Cancer Through Another Lens' event where a panel of 10 international cancer experts were assembled to critique his work. This critique took the form of a six-hour webinar and was held in front of a live audience of just over 200 medical professionals, who voted overwhelmingly to acknowledge the significance of his theory.

Mark publishes his theory within the book 'The Cancer Resolution?', acheiving a milestone by successfully translating the science of cancer into layman's terms.

Providing recognition of Mark's accomplishments, his revolutionary work won a literary award for best non-fiction book in the 'health' category. The award affirms that Mark has acheived his main objective - to provide cancer patients with revolutionary insight that has the potential to vastly improve their survival, written in a manner accessible to all

Mark Lintern - The Cancer ResolutionMark Lintern - The Cancer Resolution
Purchase Mark Lintern's book 'The Cancer Resolution?'Purchase Mark Lintern's book 'The Cancer Resolution?'

Literary Award
November 2023

Best Indie Book Award WINNER - Mark LinternBest Indie Book Award WINNER - Mark Lintern

Theory Validation
February 2023

Best Independent Book Award:
Non-Fiction - Health

Short clips taken from Mark's groundbreaking online event where he debated leading scientists and his theory received validation

Listen to
Dr Robert Verkerk PhD speak about Mark's theory

Watch Mark's latest interview with Patricia Peat from Cancer Options

Footage courtesy of the Nutrition Collective

Why it's so important to understand
cancer theory:
your survival depends on it

7 Mainstream theories of cancer - Mark Lintern
7 Mainstream theories of cancer - Mark Lintern

Many are unaware that there are at least seven prevailing theories of cancer, as illustrated in the grey sections of the accompanying graphic. This underscores the mystery surrounding the cause of the disease, given that scientists clearly disagree over its driving mechanism(s). This is highly significant because cancer treatments are formulated from these theories. Therefore, the effectiveness of any cancer treatment is determined by the accuracy of the theory it's based upon.

The crucial point of note: is that most mainstream oncologists typically adhere to only one particular theory, excluding alternative perspectives and the treatments associated with them. Unfortunately, the distressing reality for patients is that the chosen mainstream theory appears to be one of the least accurate. In simpler terms, widely accepted cancer treatments may prove largely ineffective due to the likelihood the wrong factor(s) are being targeted. And indeed the data appears to support this.

Surviving cancer, then, hinges on discerning the most accurate theory(s) and embracing the treatments aligned with them. This process can be acheived by evaluating a theory against the 10 officially recognised hallmarks of cancer - an approach undertaken within Mark's book. The more hallmarks a theory can account for, the higher its perceived accuracy, and consequently, the greater the effectiveness of associated treatments.

For context, the established DNA Theory (SMT) struggles to explain more than two of the 10 hallmarks of cancer. In contrast, the Mitochondrial Metabolic Theory (MMT) can illuminate at least seven, with some proponents asserting it can address all 10, although this remains a subject of debate. This highlights that the MMT has identified a crucial aspect of cancer responsible for propelling the disease forward.

Arguably, metabolic cancer treatments, derived from the Mitochondrial Metabolic Theory, should supersede genetic treatments as standard of care, because evidence indicates that targeting the abnormal metabolism of cancer cells will be more effective, especiallly as random DNA mutations don't appear to be responsible for cancer.

To reiterate why it's so important to understand cancer theory: your survival is closely tied to learning which theory(s) are the most accurate, and then applying, or combining treatment approaches that are associated with them. Unfortunately, we cannot rely solely on our well-meaning oncologists to do this for us, because most are born into a system that champions an unproven theory as if it were fact, and only those treatments associated with that one theory; a theory that is, in all likelihood, incorrect.

With that in mind, an exciting development in the world of cancer theory, has been the recent publication of the Cell Suppression Theory (CST), as it's the first theory capable of fully explaining all 10 hallmarks. Morever, it also explains a further 20 cancer-related conditions that largely remain unexplained. This indicates that the CST is the most accurate cancer theory currently available, and therefore, is the most likely theory to have identified an underlying cause of cancer, if not ‘thecause of the disease.

This is exciting because it means that CST-associated treatments are likely to be the most effective. Mark's Cell Suppression Theory enables people with cancer a much greater level of control over their own treatment path. Published within the book 'THE CANCER RESOLUTION?', it is now available to purchase from the link below. Alternatively, Mark has prepared a synopsis outlining his theory in simple terms, distilling 600 pages to 8; simply click the free PDF download link opposite to gain access.

The Cell Suppression Theory is published in 'The Cancer Resolution?' and can be purchased on Amazon from this link.

Download a free copy of Mark's theory synopsiswhich provides a short summary of the concepts behind the Cell Suppression Theory. Share it with your oncologist.

The information contained on this website and within the book 'The Cancer Resolution?' is not intended to be used as personal medical advice, instruction, or for treatment, it is purely for information purposes. This information is not an advertisement to sell treatment products, nor does the author guarantee that such information will lead to a cure. Any decision to implement treatment based upon the information presented is made at your own risk. The author and publisher are not liable for any harm you may incur that results from acting upon the information and evidence presented. It is not advisable to undertake any action affecting your health without consulting a qualified health professional. The author and publisher are not doctors, medically qualified or health care providers. As all current cancer theories including the DNA Theory that forms the basis of mainstream treatments are currently unproven, it is imperative that any cancer patient acquire as much information as possible from multiple sources to ensure treatment decisions are as objective and informed as possible.

"Mark has done a phenomenal job at exploring the concepts and theories of how cancer can emerge within a patient and shines a light on the idea that one of those causes may be a microorganism.

Through eight years of meticulous research, I stumbled upon a pivotal revelation that enabled me to redefine the fundamental origins of cancer. With this newfound insight, I formulated a groundbreaking theory of cancer, the first of its kind, offering a comprehensive explanation of all the disease's key hallmarks. Beyond challenging the established paradigm and revealing potential misdirection in mainstream treatments, this new theory offers additional therapeutic strategies with the potential to significantly enhance patient survival.

On 12th February 2023 I presented this new theory to a panel of 10 cancer experts (4 scientists, 3 clinicians and 3 patient experts) who were poised to critically analyse my research in front of a live audience of over 200 medical professionals!

The expert panel, and audience, voted overwhelmingly to validate my theory and recognised that I had developed a new interpretation of cancer worthy of further investigation, due to its potential to enhance patient survival.

This favourable sentiment is reflected in the video presented above that shows a number of excerpts taken from the recording of this revolutionary online event.

The Cell Suppression Theory - as it is now known - proposes that cancer is caused by certain opportunistic pathogens that intentionally suppress key pathways in the cells they invade, in order to thrive within damaged tissue. This is in stark contrast to the mainstream hypothesis that cancer is a result of our cells becoming damaged and then choosing to fight against us - this doesn't make sense given my 8 years of extensive research.

Accumulative evidence indicates that, rather than our cells working against us, they are overwhelmed by our toxic lifestyles and are unable to deal with the parasitic pathogens that have taken up residence within chronically inflammed tissue.

You can view all three of Mark's ground-breaking presentations as they were presented to the panel of experts on the day of this landmark cancer event. Simply click the blue button above under the video clip, or the button to the right. Narrated by Mark himself, these presentations will bring you up to speed with the evidence that supports his revolutionary thinking.

Dr Sean Devlin

The revolutionary Cancer Through Another Lens event

The event that led to the validation of Mark's Cell Suppression Theory