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Mark's Cell Suppression Theory is published within his book 'THE CANCER RESOLUTION?'.

Mark Lintern

5/15/20231 min read

The Cancer Resolution on AmazonThe Cancer Resolution on Amazon

After the success of the Cancer Through Another Lens event held in February 2023, it took me a further two months to prepare my book for publication. There were a number of important points raised at the event, these points needed to be addressed and incorporated within the book to ensure it was on point and up to date.

I still needed to design the front cover, create the index, have the content proof read, not to mention learn the basics of self-publishing, and create a kindle version of the book.

Cover design:
I finally settled upon a simple design, with multiple meanings. The theme throughout this project has been to offer a new perspective of cancer to show that the same published evidence can be re-interpreted through a different lens to identify a completely different cause of the disease. The circle in the middle represents both a camera lens and a petri dish. The letters comprising the circle represent our DNA code, given that the current dogma of the established view asserts that cancer is a result of DNA mutation. The blank sections in the DNA code are an acknowledgement of the DNA mutations/damage that can occur, but primarily signify the serious flaws (holes) in the DNA Theory itself - infering that the mainstream theory is wrong.

Throughout I've attempted to approach this delicate issue by asking the right questions to stimulate interest and objective debate, rather than taking the unscientific adversarial approach of making definitive statements, as unfortunately some proponents of the mainstream established theory do. This is reflected in the title of the book, which is posed as a question rather than a statement.

May 15th 2023